Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homebirth Photo Essay

    Greetings!  Today's post is short on words and long on lovely images.  Here are some photos of Toni Rae being welcomed into the world by parents Kristin and Chad, and big sister Charlie.   These are not labor photos but shots taken immediately after the birth, and then two hours later, during the newborn exam done on the bed with the family.  These pictures capture one of the benefits of homebirth - after the hard work of birth, the family is in its own comfy bed to relax and take in the joyous miracle of their new baby.  No strangers coming in and out, no machines beeping or nurses taking the baby to assess, wash, or "warm".  Just uninterrupted bonding time.  Enjoy!

Welcome Baby Toni!   She is placed right into her mother's arms, where she gives a good cry to open up her lungs.

Happy father embraces them both.  Note the bliss on Kristin's face as she admires her new daughter. That look of utter delight often accompanies the completion of natural childbirth, a combination of "yes, I did it!"  and "Oh!  What a love!"

Excited sister Charlie loved seeing her baby born!  She sat right beside me as the baby emerged.

Now a weepy Grandma takes a look... "did that really just happen?  Right here?"

Kristin responds to her baby's cues that she is ready to nurse.  This image shows how cozy the family is as the baby enjoys her peaceful first hours of life earthside.

After the initial cry, home-born babies are usually alert but relaxed, taking in their new environment from the warmth and safety of mother's chest

"Oooh...that is what those are for!"

"My turn!"

Giving the baby a thorough exam

includes weighing

and measuring

and footprints...

and finally a first diaper

Definitely a keeper!


Cyndel said...

Precious! I love the peace! I can't wait to be able to birth at home! It wasn't going to happen with our first (the thought literally terrified my husband) so a Maternity Center it was...turned out awesome though. This time around it is money and insurance issues, as well as our apartment has pretty thin walls so I wouldn't feel free to be as vocal as I need so we will be in the same maternity center.
I'm praying all those circumstances change so that I can have a home birth with our eventual 3rd child.

cindy said...

I came across a link to this gorgeous post and just had to say 'hi' when i saw you are in chico! It is my home town, but my parents moved away, so I haven't been back in 11 years. I'm a doula/cbe in Wichita, KS now. All the best to you with your work in Chico.

cindy said...

P.S. my link is