Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Client Testimonial, October 2010

It is impossible for me to think back on my two births with Dena without bursting at the seams with pride and a sense of well-being. Above and beyond the leisurely pre-natals and on-call care that are routine with homebirth midwifery, Dena combines professional support with a respect and reverence for the very special rite of passage the mother is on. She would travel with us through the ups and downs of typical pregnancy fears, as well as educate us and empower us to make our own best decisions along the way. It was especially wonderful to have her as our midwife for our second birth, as we already had an established rapport and she knew how my body birthed. It is a joy for our boys to get to see their midwife around town and to have her glowing face in our baby albums. Should we have another child, we would choose to have Dena guide us on the journey again.

T.L., October 2010