Friday, December 29, 2006

Client Testimonial - December 2006

dena weighs baby
My first child was born in a hospital - I didn't have any complications and had a natural 'drug free' labor and delivery - but it felt uncomfortable being surrounded by sick people- why was I in a place with sick people - 'I'm not sick' - 'my baby's not sick' - It doesn't make any sense! Being around sickness is the last thing I want for my newborn daughter. I thought right then that if I had another baby I would do it at home.
Two years later with my second pregnancy-I knew I wanted to have a home birth with a midwife - A good friend of mine had Dena as her Midwife and highly recommended her- Our first meeting I was a little nervous and so was my husband - this was new ground for us, we didn't know what to expect- but after sitting down and talking to Dena and Serra - every thing just felt good and comfortable. Dena was knowledgeable and had all the information I was looking for. I didn't feel like a number or was wasting her time during our prenatal appointments. I really felt like I was being listened to.
Nine months later I felt like I had a relationship with Dena and Serra so that when it came time to make "that call" I was comfortable doing so. Dena and Serra made it to the house calm and relaxed - I was so much more comfortable being in my own home - I had my own bathroom - I could walk and do things around the house - and I wasn't surrounded by sick people. My husband was afraid of the "MESS" that comes with birthing a baby-but Dena had given us a great list of things way in advance and we were prepared, more over, Dena and Serra cleaned up everything - my husband and I didn't have to do a thing. That was great too!
My labor and delivery was very much easier this time, I didn't feel pressure from anyone to do or be a particular way or position - Dena was confident and comforting to me during the times I need someone to look to and at the same time it was fun having someone I felt more like a friend with there during the event - after everything I and my healthy baby could just be in our own bed and sleep soundly- eat food that I want and not have someone waking us up coming into our room every hour or hearing the sick person down the hall coughing all night long.
Home birth with a midwife was such and amazing experience for me and my husband, we both feel so much more bonded to our baby - each other-and to our home. And thankfully Dena and Serra will always be a part of that amazing experience.
I highly recommend Dena Moes; she was everything and more I could have wanted in a midwife to help me with my labor and delivery.
-- Robin, December 2006