Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sacred Ways Midwifery is Currently Closed

    While International Womens' Day dawns clear and pink-tinged, I announce with a deep sigh, that by decree of the California Board of Nursing, Sacred Ways Midwifery is closed. Please do not call inquiring about home birth services.

     I have served the mothers and babies of the Chico area for twelve wonderful years. I have had 100% healthy babies born under my care, and many families I have served have become like my own family.  It has been a gorgeous, love-filled, and profoundly meaningful way to make a living.  I have been honored to serve you.

   My nursing license has been placed on probation for the next three years, as a disciplinary action for charges related to two VBAC women I cared for in 2009. There was no lawsuit - but some local doctors wrote a letter of complaint to the Board of Nursing , and this is the result.  The conditions of my probation make it impossible to continue my work as an autonomous home birth midwife.  

   In witnessing hundreds of births, I have learned that one hallmark of women is Resilience, and I get to discover what next amazing work I am meant to do. In the meantime, you will see me at Wal-Mart, where I will be your cashier! (Just kidding!)

  There is still home birth available in Chico, just not with nurse-midwives.  There are two licensed midwives, Paula Emigh LM and Katarra Shaw LM who are working in the area.  It is within their regulations to attend VBACs, by the way.
Good luck, and blessings,