Friday, December 18, 2015

Happy Holidays !

   December has been a beautiful month for home births.   I love my job because I am always meeting new friends. 
Here are my two latest new buddies:

     Babies born in the Christmas season remind me that we are all precious, we are all miracles, we are all Children of God, if you will.   Every birth reminds me of the holiness of each human life.  May we all work together to bring Peace to ALL children around the world, and bring HEALING to our planet, the Mother of us all!

Okay, and on a lighter note, check out these Holiday Cookies for the Midwife who has Everything, baked by new Mom Ninette Daniele, whose son is in my arms in the above picture:

See you in 2016!

warmly,    Dena

Monday, August 31, 2015

September 2015 Update

Dear Friends,

     Thank you for your support while I have navigated a complicated legal situation between myself and the California Board of Nursing. In helping me, you help the cause of womens rights during pregnancy and birth, and keep access to health care options for the families of Chico California.

     There is still not a “final outcome” to this journey, but I do have some updates I would like to share. First of all, the donations I received from the Chico benefit concert in May and the Gofundme website have covered my legal expenses and the fines I am to pay the Board of Nursing. My family and I are deeply grateful for the relief of such a stressful financial burden.

  But beyond that, this outpouring of support has  rejuvenated my strength and my spirit.  Over the summer I spent a few weeks camping with my family.  I had quiet hours to sit by a rushing creek under green old growth trees in Oregon.  I finally had time to take in what a tremendous showing the Chico community made, when I reached out for help.

   I thought about the benefit concert - the hundreds of people who came out and donated and celebrated with me.  I thought of the 126 people who made online donations to my cause.  126!   I remembered the sight of our crew of mamas, babies either strapped on or else still inside round swelling bellies, working all day to put on a party full of flowers , art, music, food, drinks, and silent auction.   I know it was not for me, in an ego or personal sort of way.  It was for me because of I am Chico's home birth nurse-midwife.  It was a showing of love for myself and also for  the families I have cared for over the last ten years. 

    Your response to my call for help has re-inspired me.  I see how important my services are to the people in my community, and how much Chico values home birth midwifery.  I won't give up!  I will to continue to stand up for the rights of women and babies to have safe, gentle home birth experiences.    I thought I would close my business this fall, because I was feeling exhausted and defeated.  But thanks to all of you, I have changed my mind, and am still helping families.  Just last night, with the bright Super Moon shining on us through the sliding glass door, I welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world.

    Statewide, there are  positive steps being taken improve the situation for nurse-midwives in home birth practice.    AB 1306 has been tabled for the year, but it unanimously passed the State Assembly, and will be on the ballot again in 2016. 

   In the Superior Court of California, a judge ruled that the Board of Nursing must allow nurse-midwife Yelena Kolodgi to continue her home birth practice while on nursing license probation. This took a year-long battle to get her back to work after her probation began, but hopefully sets a precedent for other midwives (such as myself) placed on probation.

Thank you for standing with me, and with Chico California mothers and babies.


Dena Moes RN MSN CNM

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Clouds and Sliver Linings

Dear friends and supporters,

    First, the Cloud.
     Some of you may already know, and for some this may be new information.   This summer I face a legal proceeding between myself and the California Board of Nursing, in regards to a complaint made by a few local Ob/Gyn doctors back in 2010. 

The Silver Linings:
 1.   The California Nurse-Midwife Association has sponsored a bill that may be passed THIS YEAR to remove the physician supervision requirement for certified nurse-midwives in all settings;  home, birth center, and hospital.   The bill will fix  outdated regulations concerning nurse-midwives in California that will enable myself and others to provide our expert services without these legal barriers.

PLEASE SUPPORT AB 1306!   Go to to learn more and get involved.

Yesterday I spent the day lobbying for the passage of this bill in Sacramento.  I was touched to hear that my own personal case has served to inspire the timely authoring of this legislation, that will improve access to midwives for women all across the state.  A silver lining, for sure.  

2.  The beautiful babies keep on coming.    Here is one of the five beauties I was honored to welcome into the world last month!  This is Opal: 

3.  The support I am receiving from all directions has been profound and beautiful.  My home birth families, sister midwives, local filmmaker Skyler Andrew, and Elena Tonetti and her organization Birth into Being, with its nonprofit Sentient Circle, for starters.  Please visit my gofundme site here

With love and blessings,