Friday, February 18, 2011

Full Moon Baby

  I am just back from a welcoming a 9 lb baby boy into the world this afterrnoon, and some post-birth weariness is setting in.  My client lives out in the almond orchards south of Chico.  She and her husband own 500 acres of almond trees, which surround their home.  They are all in bloom right now - trees covered in pale white-pink flowers as far as the eye can see.

    Last night  I went to check on her because her water had broken, and I needed to take her temperature and listen to the baby's heartbeat.  I drove out by the light of a bright full moon, as the dark rainclouds parted like curtains around her.   Mother and baby were fine, so we all got a good nights sleep and labor began this morning.  When I arrived this morning, my client was running a mild fever.  This was concerning because with waters broken, it could indicate an infection brewing, which could affect the baby.  It was mild enough to not necessitate transferring to the hospital - yet. 

  My plan was to hydrate her really well, and have the baby soon before the condition worsened.   A phone call to my OB consultant, Dr Fischbein down in LA (bless his heart, dedicated supporter of midwives) gave me the confidence I needed to hold to my plan.  I started an IV and gave her a large bag of IV fluids, which worked like a charm.  When the bag was almost all run in, this Momma turned to me out of her laborland far away place and said. "Take my temp again NOW.  I feel BETTER!"  Sure enough the fever was gone.

  An hour later she squatted on a big pile of towels on the floor and in two or three roaring pushes, out came a 9 lb baby boy.   The baby breathed right away, but took several minutes to really "transition" into his outside-the-womb life.   He just seemed a bit pale and his heart rate was a little lower than usual,   Hmmm.  We watched him carefully, gently massaged and stimulated him, and gave him a little oxygen "blow-by" (holding the oxygen tubing close to his face so he is breathing more oxygen-rich air).  I considered bringing him in to the hospital to be checked out .  But after a thorough assessment and exam,  he just pulled his little self together, and was pink as a piggy, with strong tone and normal vital signs.   By then, he was about a half-hour old.  Whew, little guy!  

  By one hour of life, the little one was nursing away like a champ, and remained pink and in excellent shape.  We were brought Mexican food from my favorite taqueria and while he nursed, the happy parents and midwives sat around feasting on chile rellenos and tacos, and reviewing the incredible events of the day.  A final exam of the baby revealed a fully present, pink, alert healthy babe, and the proud mama didn't even need stitches!

  We packed up our bags, reviewed the detailed baby-care instructions, and were home by dinner time.   I will go back in the morning to check on mother and babe.  Good night!


Kathy said...

Bless you indeed , your care, your insight ,your patience and knowledge...

KAIOM said...

Beautiful Dena! My daughter Kelsi is due any day, and being a full moon baby herself, we thought maybe...He'll choose his moment though and delivered up at the Birthing Center in Paradise. My 3 children were all born at home and I am most grateful.