Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Midwife's Desk: An introduction

  Welcome to my blog!   This will be a space for sharing  pregnancy and birth stories, discussion of current research on the health of mothers, babies, and families, and updates on birth politics, both local and global.  I am delighted to meet you in this cyber-space and I hope I can share some wisdom and information that may be valuable to you.  Please feel free to email me with questions or queries.
   But first things first.  Let me introduce myself.... I am a certified nurse-midwife providing home birth services in a lovely Northern California town called Chico.  We sit in a fertile valley at the base of the Sierra mountains, a progressive college town in a rural area.  I serve families in surrounding towns as well, traveling up to one hour in all directions to attend births.  I have been a homebirth midwife for over five years now.  In fact, my first home-born little clients just started kindergarten this fall.   I have been involved with birth since 1993, and have worked in hospitals in several states across the U.S., both as an R.N. and as a midwife.   I trained in home birth while living with the Old Order Amish in the rural midwest.  These experiences have given me a broad perspective on birth;  I have intimate knowledge of all the ways birth can unfold in our country.  For healthy women ready to experience the power of their own bodies' perfect ability to give birth, birth at home is the way to go. Over the course of the next few posts, I will explain why.

  About the photo:  this is an art installation called "Mom" that was displayed at the 2009 Burning Man, the theme of which was "Evolution"  This piece spoke deeply to me, as I watched woman after woman take their turn posing in the center of the piece.  Each woman was delighted to have this  fundamental, creative aspect of their being celebrated in such a grand way!  As I stood in the center, I reflected on the miracle of my two daughters' births, and on how amazingly powerful all of us mothers are.  We grow you all, we birth you all, we feed you all with milk straight from our hearts.  Yeah, mamas rock!